There are many types of batteries and the goodness or the suitability of a battery depends on its application.

For an electric vehicle, longevity and high energy density are the most significant qualities. Keeping the above points in mind, Li-ion batteries are a suitable fit for EV’s which generally come with a warranty of 8 years (for electric cars) and have a higher energy density than Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries. It is important to note that lithium-ion batteries do pose a safety risk. They cannot be over-charged and battery packs need to be installed with protection circuitry.

When we select a battery for everyday applications such as toys or television remotes, we consider qualities like high shelf life and low cost. This is why alkaline batteries (eg AA, AAA) are the best fit. They contain metals like zinc, Manganese and potassium which are not toxic for the public or the environment as well.

Apart from above qualities, fast-charging capability, high current density and low self-discharge and also play a major role in determining a high quality battery

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