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Make your vehicle more reliableefficientlong lasting with Inverted

Inverted Lithium batteries have a significantly higher cycle life than lead acid batteries. This means that our batteries can support a higher number of complete charge & discharge cycles. Lithium-ion batteries are cleaner, live longer, recycle better, and require much less maintenance

E Rickshaw

51.2V / 60V / 72V

Lithium batteries engineered specifically to improve performance and vehicle range for challenging Indian conditions.

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E Scooter

48V / 60V / 72V

Our Lithium batteries with superior range help you improve your product performance delivering better, future ready products

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E Bike

48V / 36V

Electric cycles work better, smoother and longer when paired with our Lithium technology. If you are thinking about the future, Think Inverted.

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As Per Requirement

Innovative products require innovative power solutions. Building the future ? Our R&D will be happy to engineer Lithium solutions for you.

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    With solutions from 12 Volts to 10 MW Inverted Energy has the largest range of Lithium batteries in India. So go ahead and contact us to get exactly what you need