Alexander Graham Bell is well known for the invention of the telephone and for his work in the field of Acoustical science. Bell’s life was actually dedicated to working for the deaf and he was a voice teacher by profession. His mother had nearly lost her hearing ability completely at a young age. He was initially guided by his father and his grandfather who were both distinguished speech therapists.
When Bell became a voice teacher, he worked with his father to develop ‘Visible Speech’, a written system of symbols that made it possible for the deaf to pronounce sounds.
 In 1873, he became a professor of vocal physiology at Boston University. There he met his future wife, ‘Mabel Hubbard’ who was a student there and who had lost her hearing ability from a bout of scarlet fever. Living and working with her encouraged him to work on acoustics principles and that was possibly the time when his research for the telephone started.
The autobiography of Helen Keller is also dedicated to Sir Alexander Graham Bell for his amazing life’s work.

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