State Govts across India are pushing the companies to install ev charging station to help the ev users. Further this will also help in increasing the ev sales.
According to a top official in Maharashtra, the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation has agreed to install roughly 200 charging stations for electric cars in the city by the end of the year. Municipal commissioner Astik Kumar Pandey told PTI on Wednesday that the civic body will spend roughly Rs 5 crore from the amount allocated under the 15th Finance Commission for this purpose.

The charging stations will come up at fuel pumps, malls, bus stands, railway stations, business complexes, and other locations,” he said.
This will encourage people to go for electric vehicles and help in reducing pollution. The fund granted under the 15 Finance Commission for Aurangabad city will also be used to buy electric cars for official use,” another official said.

The Marathwada Auto Cluster, for example, just announced the Aurangabad Mission Green Mobility program, in which 250 electric four-wheelers are expected to be acquired by March of this year.

EVC Global claims to have over 34,000 EV charging stations listed on its app, which will reveal stations within a 20-kilometer radius of one’s current location in real-time.

According to a company spokesman, EVC Global, which now offers a location and mapping service of electric charging station operators around the country on its app, is looking for angel capital to add 10,000 charging stations by 2022. Other firms have declared ambitions to deploy EV charging stations after seeing an opportunity in the electric charging station market.

We are seeking angel funding of USD 1 million to begin the journey with fast DC charging stations for quick fueling service for the vehicles,” EVC Global Founder Mohammed Afaq Khan told PTI.

The target of one lakh EV chargers by 2028. EV global rapid chargers are most dynamic and have advanced features and are the most suitable for Indian weather and conditions,” he said.

According to projections, India’s commercial EV revolution would see about 20 lakh EVs on the road by 2028, requiring at least 4 lakh chargers to keep them charged.

A DC fast charging station costs around Rs 6 lakh per unit and cuts charge time in half compared to standard chargers.

The govt of India is also focusing on the Battery Swapping for EV Charging. In case you want to know about the business model of battery swapping, at Inverted Energy, we have published an article.

Battery Swapping for EVs