When we talk about electric SUVs in India, we see that Tata, Hyundai and MG have already launched their electric SUVs. It is important to note that Mahindra is the pioneer of electric vehicles in India. Cars like Reva, eVerito and e20+ had been launched much earlier and Mahindra had always been ahead in the electric vehicle market. Clean energy devotees are now wondering why the launch of Mahindra’s competitive electric SUV (eKUV100) is happening after other brands. Mahesh Babu, CEO of Mahindra Electric explained Mahindra’s strategy in an interview.

Mahesh Babu said that the reason behind the slow adoption of EV’s is the high upfront cost and lack of charging infrastructure. He said Mahindra has been spear-headed in the manufacturing of electric three wheelers and prioritized electric three wheelers over four wheelers. He elaborated saying that 99% of the three wheelers in our country are purchased on a lease agreement and hence the upfront payment for an electric three wheeler actually remains the same as its ICE counterpart. This research was the brain behind Mahindra targeting electric three wheelers first. Mahindra TREO is leading the electric three wheeler market and we are eagerly waiting for Mahindra’s electric SUV’s.

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