Kerala malls and hotels are getting solar powered electric vehicle charging point

To tap the renewable energy and make electric vehicles more acceptable in the society, Agency for Non-Conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT) is going to install solar-based EV charging stations at hotels and mall premises. With this step, the ANERT wants to reduce the dependency of charging vehicles from hydropower energy sources.

The ANERT has requested quotations from national-level empaneled organizations to put up the charging station after gaining administrative approval. ANERT now has 5 charging stations operational, with the construction of the remaining 6 stations continuing.

ANERT said that it will provide subsidies to malls and hotels for the installation of solar-powered charging stations. About 5kW to 50kW of solar panels can be installed for this purpose and the operator will get a 50% subsidy. Charging EV is a high power consuming so by using renewable energy, a huge burden from KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board) will be reduced.

ANERT has invited the quotations from the national level as the state does not have companies capable of setting up these charging stations. ANERT will be selecting 8 to 10 agencies based on the quotation and the beneficiary can select the company for setting up the charging stations.

In our exiting stations, consumers have to wait 30 minutes to an hour to get their vehicle fully charged. If we set up charging stations at hotels and malls, people can charge their vehicles while they shop or have food. We are looking into places with refreshment facilities and washrooms where business is high to set up these stations.” an ANERT official said.

Slow charging is acceptable during the night, while quick charging is required during the day. EV cars in India currently have a range of 200 to 400 kilometers per charge, but by next year, the market can expect more cheap EVs with up to 300 kilometers per charge.

KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board) has 5 operational charging points and per month around 1000 consumers are using them. Another 25 charging stations are on their way. Even in the COVID pandemic, the demand for EV charging stations is rising.

This year so far 3,313 EVs were registered in Kerala, against 1,324 and 468 in previous years. The highest registration of EVs was recorded in April and July 2021 with 631 ad 668 respectively.