Indian start-up develops 15-minute rapid charger for EVs

When it comes to enabling the shift of ICE drivers to EVs, fast EV charging is expected to be a game-changer in the fight for vehicle electrification. At least two worldwide majors – ABB and Mahle Powertrain – have announced fast EV charging in the last fortnight. While ABB claims to have invented the world’s fastest electric car charger (100km range in 3 minutes), Mahle’s new battery technology is built to be both sustainable and speedy.

In the race for ultra-fast EV charging, an Indian start-up has entered the battle.

Exponent Energy, a Bangalore-based energy solutions start-up, has announced the creation of the E-pack and E-pump, respectively, battery packs and charging stations. Using the solution together, commercial vehicles with any number of wheels will be able to charge from 0 to 100% in 15 minutes, all while using affordable lithium-ion batteries with a 3,000 cycle life warranty. The rapid charging option will be available in January 2022, according to the business.

The Exponent Energy founded by Arun Vinayak, who is former CPO of Ather Energy, aims to create a flexible energy stack that would enable a seamless flow of energy and data between the grid and vehicles, unlocking a variety of goods. Sanjay Byalal, a former HUL supply chain and operations manager and colleague at Ather Energy, has joined Vinayak as a co-founder to advance Exponent Energy’s larger vision for the EV market.

In India, commercial vehicles account for around 10% of overall vehicle sales, but they consume 70% of on-road energy,” Byalal continues. It’s an energy-hungry segment hurrying to go electric and in desperate need of a reliable rapid charging network to keep them running. We want to work together with all industry participants and regulatory organizations to meet this demand.”