An advanced, global e-mobility software engineering center is opened in Bengaluru, India, by the collaboration of Tata Technologies and GKN Automotive. Tata Technologies plans to use it’s expertise in electric & embedded systems along with GKN Automotive’s next-generation e-Drive technologies for changing the future of sustainable e-mobilty. To lead this vision they are planning  to have a workforce of more than 100 world class software engineers and support staff by the end of 2020.

Warren Harris, Managing Director and CEO of Tata Technologies, said, “This collaboration with GKN Automotive will significantly contribute towards the development of the next-generation of electric vehicles that are sustainable and help us achieve a greener world.”

The Center is spread across an area of 12,650sq.ft, it includes a design studio, lab stations, meeting and conference rooms and a wellness center. The center was completed from layout to construction with in just 6 months even through the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Currently it’s planned to open in phases with strict hygiene, sanitization and social distancing practices being implemented across all Tata Technologies facilities.


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