An advanced control system enables
microgrid components to operate in a
coordinated, optimized way.

The utility grid

This interconnected system serves as our primary source of everyday power. Microgrids can be “islanded” or disconnected from the traditional grid during a natural disaster or cyber threat.

Energy storage solution

Batteries store the electricity for use,
keeping the power always on hand

Controllable generation

Nonrenewable, fossil-fuel energy sources may include biogas, fuel cells, or gas turbine engines. They provide stable and necessary levels of voltage and frequency to the system.

Controllable load

Control solutions (such as the Siemens
Desigo CC Building Automation System)
optimize energy use within a building,
depending on critical need and priorities.

Limited or noncontrollable generation

These intermittent fuel sources fluctuate based on factors such as the weather. Examples include solar or wind power generated by Siemens photovoltaic and wind turbine products.